«People’s Architect of Ukraine» Award winner, Doctor of Science (Architecture), Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian Architectural Academy, State Prize winner in Architecture, Chair Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, Honored professor of Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Head of Department of Architecture Foundation and Architectural Design of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, creative […]


Trouble. Triptych. (Part III, red)

Tapestry. 2019. 90х134 cm.

Trouble. Triptych. (Part II, green)

Tapestry. 2019. 110х110 cm.

Trouble. Triptych. (Part I, yellow)

Tapestry. 2019. 90×134 cm.

Emblem of Harbin Polytechnic University (HIT)

Tapestry. 2019. 150х150 см.

High Street. Oxford. UK

Tapestry. 2015. 70х90 cm.

Colleges of the University of Oxford. United Kingdom

Tapestry. 2015. 70х90 cm.


Oleg Sleptsov “Melodies of Soul”

Олег Слепцов - Мелодия души

Всегда было желание увидеть свои песни в строгом изложении нотного стана. Мне казалось, что это могло бы добавить серьезности моему пожизненному увлечению.

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